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How Happy Little Bonsai Got It’s Start…

Years ago I came across a little greenhouse just outside of Seattle, Wa. I came to know the man who managed and cared for the bonsai trees. Mr. Cho spent much time explaining how bonsai worked to me and took care to include the fine details of his craft. I came to respect and adore Mr Cho.

Years later while stopping by just to say hi, Mr. Cho and I got into a deep conversation about marketing and branding. Near the end of our conversation Mr. Cho explained how he would like to do drop shipping but he isn’t good with computers. So we set out to create this website to help Mr. Cho distribute his amazing work across the U.S.

And just a few weeks later, Happy Little Bonsai.com was launched!

Thank you for partaking in our amazing journey of entrepreneurialism and friendship. A bonsai can be not only a symbol of health, but a lasting gift of friendship.

– HappyLittleBonsai.com

Holding a tiny baby bonsai tree in training
Bonsai tree collection

About The Bonsai Farmer

Mr. Cho has been a bonsai master for over 30 years. He is a very talented and skilled bonsai farmer. His work has been showcased in many publications and has a long history in the online bonsai community.

About Our Bonsai Trees

Our trees receive the utmost care in transitioning them from their core form to our Greenhouse. The bonsai are kept in a constant controlled environment until they are ready to be shipped. This ensures to your bonsai arrives happy and healthy to your door.

Unlike some of the typical methods of cultivating bonsai trees, like some of the large farms in California, ours are cared for in an environment that helps produce a more adaptable plant for varying climates in the U.S.

– HappyLittleBonsai.com

Small ficus retusa bonsai tree

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