Bonsai Pots & Drip Trays

Happy Little Bonsai offers a wide assortment of bonsai pot options. We have new and used pots in many shapes and sizes, including circle, oval, rectangle, and square shaped pots. We also offer a variety of drip trays to keep proper humidity for your bonsai tree.

Bonsai can grow in many different containers, but they must have drainage and wiring holes so that the tree can be wired to the pot. Traditional pots are made of ceramic or porcelain and do not absorb water. Modern pots may be comprised of ceramic, concrete, or plastic.

The most important aspect in choosing the right pot for your bonsai is the depth.of the pot. If an oval or rectangle pot is chosen, the ideal depth is 2/3 of the tree height. If a round or square pot is chosen, the depth should be ⅓ of the size of the tree to be ideal (unless the tree has unusually large foliage.)

When deciding on the right pot for your bonsai, find a pot that compliments the shapes, design, and colors of your bonsai. If your bonsai changes colors throughout the year, be sure to choose a pot that will compliment it year round. Also be sure to choose a pot that preserves the balance of the tree. The silhouette should be a balanced, complex living work of art from top to bottom.

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