Small Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai (Carmona Microphylla)

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The Carmona bonsai (also called a Fukien Tea tree and Philippine Tea tree) originates in India, South East Asia, and Southern China. It’s a small tree, with small leaves, small white flowers, and red berries. It can be a difficult tree to grow, so we recommend this tree for a semi-experienced bonsai gardener. This tree likes temperatures that don’t fluctuate often, and prefer bright light for most of the day. Over watering this tree can turn the leaves green and make them fall off.


Care instructions:

Light & Position: The Carmona bonsai is an indoor tree that prefers full sun. Though it can grow outside in tropical climates that stay warm during the night. Low temperatures will damage the Carmona bonsai, so prevent drops in temperature near windows or when placed outside. The Carmona will need extra humidity to combat dry indoor environments.

Watering: The Carmona is fussy in the water department. It is not drought-resistant so you must water it frequently, but not so much as to leave standing water. Keep the soil moist, but not wet.

Fertilizing: The roots of a Carmona bonsai are sensitive, so use a solid fertilizer as directed from spring to autumn.

Pruning: The Carmona bonsai tolerates pruning well. Pruning the Carmona often will make it grow a dense structure of branches.

Wiring: The young shoots of a Carmona are flexible and respond well to wiring. Older branches and twigs are stiff and brittle so you must use the right tools and be careful when wiring.

Repotting: The Carmona will need to be repotted every two years. Root trimming must be modest because the Carmona bonsai will not tolerate much root loss. Use a soil that drains well but also holds onto moisture because the Carmona bonsai is fussy about watering amounts.

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