Medium Chinese Privet Bonsai Tree (Ligustrum sinense, Lingustrum lucidum)

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The Chinese Privet is hardy and a great bonsai tree for beginners. They are a tropical tree originating in Japan, Korea, and the South of China.They are evergreens that bloom white flowers in the Summer and produce berries in Autumn. They prefer bright, direct sunlight and require normal watering. They will also grow in full shade. The hardy nature of the Chinese Privet protects it from drought and differing light exposure, but will need protection from temperatures below 40ºF.


Care instructions:

Light & Position: The Chinese Privet is hardy and resilient. It will thrive in full sun, but can also grow in shaded areas. They can grow indoor and outdoors, but will need to be taken indoors if temperatures fall below 40ºF.

Watering: Chinese Privets are drought-tolerant, but regular watering is required to grow the healthiest bonsai tree.

Fertilizing: Feed the Chinese Privet fertilizer high in nitrogen every two weeks from spring to early summer. Keep a consistent schedule of fertilizing once every month after.

Pruning: The Chinese Privet is a fast-growing bonsai tree. It will need constant pruning to keep it small and compact, The best time to do major pruning is in the early spring. Trim new growth back to two leaves.

Repotting: The Chinese Privet needs a root trim and repotting once every year.

Wiring: The Chinese Privet is hardy and flexible. As a result, it responds well to wire shaping. You should shape your privet during late spring.

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