Large Ficus Bonsai Tree (Ficus retusa)

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Ficus (also called Ginseng) are tropical trees that live on all continents that have tropics. There are between 800-2000 species of ficus trees worldwide. They need full sun and a humid environment to flourish. They grow quickly and can look old within a couple years.

The Retusa is the most popular of the ficus bonsai. Another popular tree is the ficus ginseng. These trees can produce aerial roots, which means they can grow on rocks or other mediums to create beautiful works of art.

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Care instructions:

Light & Position: The Ficus bonsai tree requires full sun and warm temperatures to flourish. It can be placed outside during the summer if temperatures remain above 59ºF. The ficus bonsai prefers consistent temperatures. The Ficus bonsai reacts well to high humidity and will grow aerial roots if exposed to very high humidity.

Watering: The Ficus bonsai requires regular, generous watering. The Ficus is a species that can tolerate over and under watering from time to time. Misting the foliage is recommended daily. A warm winter will require more watering and a cold will require just moist soil.

Fertilizing: Fertilize with liquid or solid fertilizer every one-two weeks during summer growth season. Fertilize during winter every two-four weeks.

Pruning: Pruning the Ficus often will retain its compact structure. Prune new growth to 2 leaves after 6-8 leaves have grown on the branch.

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